Energy Audits

A detailed energy audit includes an inspection of your home’s furnace and water heater for safety and efficiency, including gas leak check. Blower door testing is done while taking thermal images. I inspect all windows and doors. Crawl spaces and attics are checked for air leaks, structural and moisture problems and insulation levels in the walls, basements and attics. All of the information is entered into the software and I produce a detailed report showing the expected percentage of savings, ROI, SIR, reduction of carbon footprint and lots of other information. My audit report will show you an accurate estimation of savings for each measure individually so you will know where your savings will be after each step.

Blower door testing

New homes have to have a blower door test done to prove that they have less than 5 air exchanges an hour at 50 pascals (5 ACH/50). International code says between 3 to 5 ACH/50. It is a good idea to bring in some outside air if the house tests less than 3 ACH/50. This is a pass/fail test however I take the time to show you what you can do to make it pass in the event that it fails.

Design Consultation

For several years now we have been designing energy systems for new homes as well as remodels and retrofits.

Many building contractors and developers consult with us especially about passing blower door tests.