Griffin Energy Audits FAQs

Q. How much does an energy audit cost?

A. Most homes cost 450.00. Don’t be fooled by very low cost or “free energy audits” You get what you pay for and there is no one in Utah Who has more experience.

Q. What is entailed in your energy audit?

A. In accordance with BPI, (Building Performance Institute) we always start with a complete safety check of all gas appliances for leaks, high C.O. backdraft and any other safety issues. We do a blower door test to determine the amount of air leakage and where its coming from. We take both thermal and digital images of air leaks and missing or uneven insulation. We inspect windows, doors, attic, crawlspace, etc… And we enter all the field notes into our software to produce a detailed audit with information about what measures will save the most for your home.

Q. Do you do home inspections?

A. Yes, we do home inspections for 450.00, or we can do a combination energy audit with a full home inspection for 600.00. We also do Blower Door testing on new homes in accordance with new building codes.

Q. How long does it take for the energy audit?

A. It takes anywhere from 1 and a half to 2 hours at your home, and several more hours back at my office.

Q. When is the best time to do an energy audit?

A. As soon as you want to start saving energy and making your house more comfortable. Really anytime, especially if you’re going to do any remodeling or upgrades like new windows, replacing your furnace/water heater or getting Solar installed to name a few.

Q. Does your company do the recommended measures on the homes?

A. No, we are a consulting and testing company, however we can recommend contractors that do excellent work at fair prices.

Q. Are you certified?

A. Yes, I am a Certified Residential Energy Auditor by the State of Utah and Nationally certified BPI Building Analyst

Q. Are you a Thermwise contractor.

A. They do not yet have a category for Energy Auditors, however I am recommended by Thermwise and there is a link to this website from Dominion Energy.

Q. Does your company help with rebates?

A. Yes, we can let you know what measures have rebates and what you need to do to apply.